Quick intro to how Cheeky Prices works

Cheeky Prices is simple all you have to be is become the owner of the Cheekiest offer for an prize… Simple right?

So you have joined Cheeky Prices and received your credits, to submit cheeky low offers to win. With Cheeky Prices we try to give our members all the information they need to improve their chances of winning.

Next thing to do is choose the prize you are most interested in winning. So if you notice there is a number with in the top right hand corner, with the word “Offerors.” The “Offerors” is the amount of members that have submitted at least one cheeky offer. We even tell you who is the current Cheekiest offer owner. And the latest members which have submitted a Cheeky offer. Now before you enter your first offer . IMPORTANT: Make offers in pennies before you offer about pounds, especially if there is less than 100 Offerors.

An offer of 1p is the lowest anyone can win a prize for but typically if more than 10 players it is likely at least two have entered an offer of 1 p but there is no guarantee. So what we suggest is enter a low penny value. Once you have entered your first cheeky offer we will tell you if it is either:
A Boring Offer – More than one member has submitted this offer price and you have no chance of winning
Cheeky Offer BUT Needs to be Cheekier – The more of these types of offers the better. We would advise you find one of these and offer all the values below this value, to find and turn the current Cheekiest Offer holder to a Boring Offer owner.
Cheekiest – This means you have the current lowest Cheeky offers. But the challenge is to stay in this position. Therefore we would recommend use credits to get as many Cheeky offers around your current Cheekiest Offer value.

Do you Understand how the website works?

If you are unsure on how the site works please submit your question below

Add Profile Picture to get more free Credits ( only if they have not done so)


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